1. What kind of paper do I use? - I prefer origami paper - it is pre-cut and some of the papers are beautiful. I have folded cranes using newspaper, post-it notes, bond paper, tablet paper, and whatever else I can get my hands on.  I am using 6x6 inch origami paper for this project - it gives me an excuse to buy more pretty paper and the size allows me room to write my quotes and sayings. 
2. Why did I decide to fold 1000 cranes? - Why not? . . . and I feel inspired to do so.  The first time after hearing the story of Sadako Sasaki and also just to say I had done it.  This time - I am excited to see if I get any feed back from this project.
3.  Do I fold any other origami? - I  have - but for some reason I always stick with folding the cranes.  My son is the origami expert in the family.
4. How long do I think this project will take? - I am not really sure.  If I dropped one crane a day it would take over 2 years.  But I tend to really get into something once I set my mind to it.  Hopefully it will not take that long.
5.  Why quotes? - I love quotes and I have found that reading not only quotes but anything positive helps keep my attitude positive.  I hope that by putting something positive on each crane - that people will read them and think about them.  I am hoping that someone will read something that touches them or helps them somehow . . . or even just makes them smile.
6. How do I decide where to drop the cranes? - I try to put them where there are a lot of people.  I don't like anyone to see me drop them - so that can be a challenge at times.  At first I thought restaurants would be a good place - but sort of got the feeling that they would be thrown away when the table was cleared.  I also don't travel a whole lot - so I am somewhat limited to the area that I live.  I would like to drop all of them myself - but I also would like to get some in other cities and states.  I have had people offer to drop them for me . . . this may be something I will do eventually.
7. What do I hope people do when they find my cranes? - First of all I hope they comment or e-mail me and tell me where they find a crane and what number it is.  I would really like pictures of the cranes after they are found - especially if they end up in a different place.  If the cranes move around from place to place  - I think it would be great to know and see where they go and post the cranes travels on my blog.  I would love to see people get creative and have fun with this project.  And maybe . . . must maybe someone else will start folding and sharing 1000 cranes.

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